At Jaft Aircon Services, we take pride in performing regular services on your cooling units to prolong its longevity and ensure your cooling experience is maximised.

The filters of the air conditioning clogs up with dust and air flow cannot circulate through the filters. It will seem as if your air conditioning unit stopped working, however the unit may only require a service. The outdoor unit clogs up with dust and oil – these units needs to be serviced with chemicals at least once per annum.
With a minor service – every second to third month. A major service – once a year.
With a minor service the filters and cover of the indoor units are cleaned. The unit will be tested to determine if the unit is in working order. One can detect repairs sooner, and this could prolong the life of the compressor of the unit.
With a major service, the indoor unit is cleaned thoroughly (the fan motor will be cleaned from dust build-up), the outdoor unit will be cleaned with chemicals, and pressure washed. The unit will be tested.
A service agreement is more economical – we offer discounts on service agreements. Please contact us to quote on a service agreement for your business or home.