To create an environment that’s ideal for people to live and work in, you need something that’s both extraordinarily innovative and exceptionally reliable. You need something that gives you confidence. So why would you install anything but YORK?

Cassette Air Conditioners

These user-friendly and earth-friendly units are carefully designed to provide a combination of comfort and efficiency. It can easily operated with a simple touch of a soft button. They have flexible installation too which minimises installation time and complications.

Console Air Conditioners

Console air conditioning units are available in a wide variety of sizes, they are easy to operate and they make for an efficient replacement of existing units or new installations. They’re easy to maintain and the models meet the highest energy efficient ratings. Experience the convenience and comfort you deserve.

Hide-Away Units

These silently operated units promise a cool, comfortable environment. They are available in a range of different sizes to suit your needs and preferences. The models of these units meet strict energy efficient ratings – being completely green and environmentally friendly.

Midwall Units

With more than 125 years’ experience in the industry, we’ve built a reputation of producing only efficient and smart cooling units that create a healthier environment for all. Our midwall units are not only energy-saving but are money-saving too. Revel the comfort you’re promised with a York air conditioner.